Streamline and supercharge your impact and financial reporting process.

Mythos makes it easier to create and manage donor reports. One at a time. Many at a time. Online or in print.

Donor reporting is hard work.

And the idea of including personalized beneficiary and impact stories in an already complex and time-consuming process is daunting.

Mythos makes it easier to create and manage story-based financial and endowment donor reports in high volume—online or in print.

Creating beautiful and engaging reports doesn’t have to be so hard or time consuming.

Are you still editing gift report content in a spreadsheet? Searching your email for beneficiary stories? Hoping the calendar isn’t right as your deadline for delivering your reports looms?

We’ve been there so we understand your pain.

You know there has to be a better way because, well, the internet and technology are, like, old now.

And that is exactly why we created Mythos.

“Donors want to make an impact. Mythos helped us to demonstrate that impact in ways that engaged our donors at a new level. The positive feedback we received from donors was beyond our expectations.”

—Leslie Zornow, Executive Director of Donor Engagement, University of Rochester

A better way to create better reports.

Personal, relevant stories engage donors. Period. And a donor that has given is a donor that is highly likely to give again—if engaged effectively.

But you know how challenging and time-consuming it is to create donor reports in general—let alone relevant, story-based reports.

From story collection and editing, to workflow and content management, to (most importantly) publishing and sharing, Mythos helps you produce engaging donor reports and communications that are engaging, accurate, and beautiful.

With our complementary services and decades of expertise, no other platform can help you the way Mythos can.

Designed specifically for stewardship reporting

All the essential tools in one single platform

Makes reporting easier and more efficient

Create beautiful, accurate, and engaging gift reports

Flexibility to create reports online, in print, or both

Manage reporting based on your resources and processes

"The Mythos team is committed to our reporting success. They are responsive and offer helpful solutions! Our partnership with Mythos has enabled us to expedite our endowment report timeline by at least a month."

—Kristin Niceswanger, Associate Director, Donor Relations, Carnegie Mellon University

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