Seeing is believing.

Demonstrating the potential of a gift is a critical cultivation and engagement strategy. Impact and beneficiary stories create an emotional perspective on the power of giving.

Streamline cultivation and solicitation.

The more personal and relevant a communication is, the more likely it is to promote an emotional response.

But you know how challenging it can be to do this for every donor. It’s not easy but you can do more. And that’s something. Because the more you do it, the more you’ll get back.

Mythos helps you cultivate and engage your donors with stories and content that relate specifically to their interests.

Are you telling the right stories to the right donors?

Personalized communications with relevant impact stories are more effective in increasing donor engagement, intent to give, and, most importantly, actual giving.

The proof is in the pudding as they say

Mythos gives you the tools to make it happen.

"With Mythos, you can create customized, well-designed communications within a few minutes. It impresses all the people I work with that I am able to turn around pieces for them so quickly. And the Mythos team is very responsive to all of my questions and feedback!"

—Katie Kowalski, Proposal Writer, The George Washington University

How Mythos helps.

Build a library of tailored stories and other relevant, reusable content.

Tag stories by interest and demographics to easily find content based on donor profiles and giving goals.

Create and share personalized donor microsites and documents using your story and content library.

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