Help students see themselves on campus.

Today’s students seek input and approval from their peers. Their social media feeds heavily influencing their decisions. Mythos harnesses the power of individual voices to cultivate belief in the value of your institution.

Let the voices in your community express your value.

When a student can envision themselves on campus—through the stories of current students that align to their academic or extracurricular interests—they are going to be much more likely to want to attend your institution.

Enrollment challenges.

The “birth rate cliff” following the 2008 recession is now a trend that continues to shrink the pool of eligible college students.

Non-degree credentials offer lower priced training with similar career advancement promises. And the impact of COVID has resulted in new options to traditional, in-person education. Businesses like Coursera and edX hope to capitalize on this new thinking.

There is now unprecedented competition for a shrinking population of students.

Individual perspectives have never been more influential or valuable.

There was a time when most believed what they heard from the traditional voices of authority. Today, people question those voices.

Social media is now the de facto channel for sharing opinions and experiences people have with brands. Mythos helps you collect and share your communities’ own social voices, demonstrating your value through their stories.

How Mythos helps.

Collect and share the personal stories of those that can best represent you—your existing students.

Align each of those stories to the prospective students that would most relate to them and, therefore be most influenced by them.

Tag stories and content to align them to student profiles—giving them both the best possible stories and the most relevant content to their interest.

Ensure that every communication is as relevant as you can make it to every student.

Mythos helps you maximize the potential of every communication.

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