About Mythos Services

About the Mythos
Publisher Package

Designed for teams that need to organize and manage content and use it to publish individual reports, proposals, and other donor communications as either PDFs or microsites.


The Mythos Publisher Package builds on the features of the Mythos Library Package and adds the ability to publish PDFs and websites.

Leveraging Mythos Templates, you can quickly and easily create consistently branded, high quality, and highly personalized communications. Seamlessly pull in stories and content from the Mythos Story Manager or manually enter your own custom content to tailor each communication.

Use Cases

There are a few common use cases for the Mythos Publisher Package.

The first is for smaller teams—such as development, donor relations, or stewardship—that need to create personalized and tailored communications in lower volume.

The second is for larger teams that need to either centralize or decentralize control of the publishing process for communications that need to be individually tailored.

Every Detail Matters, Everytime

Every detail matters when it comes to engaging your constituents—whether through a fund report, a giving proposal, or a monthly newsletter. Every communication is an opportunity to get them more invested in your mission.

Not everyone on your team has the ability or access to the resources required to ensure that every communication they send meets your brand standards or uses the best stories and words possible for whomever they’re communicating with.

The Mythos Publisher Package gives you the opportunity to insert more control into the process—directly or indirectly depending on your resources and organizational structure.

Why Would You Need Mythos Publisher?

How you can benefit from Mythos Publisher depends on how you want to leverage it. Generally that comes down to resources and organizational structure.

Centralized Control

If you need to centralize creative and design control or have a team that is responsible for the creation of communications on behalf of other teams, the Mythos Publisher is a great way to streamline the process.

With Mythos Surveys, you could setup a more structured way of collecting content—proposal opportunity details, for example—and reviewing, proofing, approving it. Then that content can easily and seamlessly flow into a Mythos Template. Any other frequently used content that you’ve added to the Mythos Story Manager—letters, featured articles, impact stories, etc.—are also easily integrated.

In this approach, the template handles the layout and design removing any bottlenecks that sometimes occur with creative and design resources. And the ability to find and include content specific to the communication or that is reused frequently, makes the process of creating on brand, high quality communications fast and easy.

Decentralized Control

If you need to empower your extended team to create communications but you want more confidence that those communications meet your organizational and brand standards, Mythos Publisher is a great solution.

Using Mythos Templates, you determine what aspects of each type of communication can be customized by your extended team. For example, you could lock down layout, imagery, and branding and only allow headline and copy customization. Or you could lock down some combination of design and content and only allow very specific elements to be customized.

In this approach, like the centralized scenario, the template handles the layout and design removing any bottlenecks that sometimes occur with creative and design resources while giving your extended team has the ability to publish communications that you know will meet your standards. They can easily pull in content from the Mythos Story Manager or enter content manually—again, within the template rules you have determined.

Bottom Line

Mythos Publisher and Mythos Templates allow you to insert whatever level of control makes the most sense for you and your team while enabling you or your team to create on brand, high quality, and consistent communications quickly and easily.

What Features Come with Mythos Publisher?

Mythos Publisher includes everything you get with the Mythos Library Package plus these additional benefits.

Document ManagerTools for creating individual PDFs on demand using your Mythos Templates.
Site ManagerTools for creating individual websites on demand.
Mythos Document Manager Template LibraryPredesigned Mythos Templates that you can easily customize with your brand and content.
Unlimited Document downloadsDownload as many print-ready versions of each Document you create.
Sharing and editing controlsAbility for each user to decide whether the Documents they create are shared with their team for viewing and/or editing.
Two business-day SLAHelp ticket response times of two business days or less.

Package Customization and Optional Add-ons

Every Mythos Package can be customized to include features from the other Mythos Packages. Or you can upgrade specific aspects such as the amount of training included (for example, to include a yearly refresher training) or the level of support that is included.