About Mythos Services

About the Mythos
Library Package

Designed for smaller teams that need to collect and organize stories and other content in a central, searchable content management system.


The Mythos Library Package comes with Mythos Surveys and the Mythos Story Manager. With Mythos Surveys you can collect stories and other content, automatically tag it for relevance or workflow purposes, and then edit, manage, and organize it using the Mythos Story Manager.

Use Cases

The most common use case for the Mythos Library Package is for establishing a library of valuable stories and other content, including multimedia content, in a centralized, searchable location with the added benefits of the content being tagged with relevant information and the ability to collect (and automatically tag) the content in a scripted and structured form using Mythos Surveys.

Intelligent Content Collection and Management

More than a “standard” survey tool, Mythos Surveys are designed to help you collect the best stories and content.

How? By using the data you have about your audiences—both the survey responders and those you intend to share the stories with—to ask the most relevant questions of your survey responders and then share the most relevant stories with your constituents.

Each story is automatically tagged with relevant information—such as the fund from which a beneficiary received a gift or an interest attribute about a prospective donor—to help you align the most personal and relevant stories to the individuals they will resonate with the most.

All those stories and content then flow directly into the Mythos Story Manager where you can manage the content along with any multimedia that attached to each story.

Why Would You Need Mythos Library?

The primary value of Mythos Library is that it centralizes your communications content in one searchable location. This gives everyone access to important stories and content to use in social media, on your website, or in your digital and print communications.

All content can be tagged with valuable information that helps to align it to an audience, a use case, or other meaningful organizational workflow or communications purpose.

What Features Come with Mythos Library?

Survey ManagerTool for creating highly customized survey scripts.
Recipient Data Import WizardTool for importing audience data that can be used to personalize, tailor, and automatically tag your content.
Unlimited SurveysCreate as many different surveys for as many different use cases as needed.
Unlimited Survey ResponsesCollect as many survey responses from as many survey respondents as you need.
Unlimited questions
and field types
per survey
Craft your survey with as many questions and types of questions you need to get the best, right content.
Unlimited Survey themesEach survey can be themed uniquely.
Multimedia collectionGet more than text-based content—collect images, files (PDFs, Word, etc.), and video right from the survey.
Advanced Survey logicShow and hide questions dynamically based on answers to questions or imported recipient data.
Submission redirectAfter a survey respondent submits their response, you can easily set the survey to redirect them to another page or website of your choice.
Single Sign On (SSO)Use your organizations existing authentication system for both Mythos software and Mythos Survey access.
Live onboarding and trainingA real, live person takes you through setup and trains you on the features.
Online help & supportAfter setup, onboarding, and training, get help on the Mythos Knowledgebase or submit a help ticket if you get stuck.
Three business-day SLAHelp ticket response times of 3 business days or less.

Package Customization and Optional Add-ons

Every Mythos Package can be customized to include features from the other Mythos Packages. Or you can upgrade specific aspects such as the amount of training included (for example, to include a yearly refresher training) or the level of support that is included.