About Mythos Services

About the Mythos
Enterprise Package

Designed for larger teams that need all the benefits of Mythos across the entire enterprise.


The Mythos Enterprise Package includes all the features of the Mythos Library Package, the Mythos Publisher Package, and the Mythos Campaign Package.

Use Cases

The most common use case for the Mythos Enterprise Package is for larger organizations that have multiple teams that can benefit from the Mythos platform. Oftentimes this includes advancement and stewardship—giving fund officers tools to easily create individual donor communications while giving stewardship tools to create reports in high volume.

What Features Come with Mythos Enterprise?

Mythos Enterprise includes everything you get with the Mythos Library Package, Mythos Publisher Package, and Mythos Campaign Package plus these additional features.

Dedicated Account SupportYou not only get a dedicated member of our Account Services team to support you from onboarding, through training, and during implementation and use of the platform but you also get their phone number.
1-hour SLAHelp ticket response times of 1 hour or less.

Package Customization and Optional Add-ons

Every Mythos Package can be customized to include features from the other Mythos Packages. Or you can upgrade specific aspects such as the amount of training included (for example, to include a yearly refresher training) or the level of support that is included.