About Mythos Services

About the Mythos
Campaign Package

Designed for larger teams that need to streamline the creation of personalized and highly tailored reports and other communications in high volume.


The Mythos Campaign Package builds on the features of the Mythos Library Package and adds the ability to publish PDFs on demand in high volume.

Leveraging Mythos Templates, your data, and your content in the Mythos Story Manager, you can automatically create many (hundreds to thousands) consistently branded, high quality, and highly personalized communications.

Use Cases

There are a few common use cases for the Mythos Campaign Package.

The first is for stewardship teams that are responsible for creating endowment, fund, scholarship, or impact reports in high volume and need a platform to streamline the process.

The other is for teams that need to create direct mail campaigns—such as giving, various engagement, admissions, or other marketing campaigns, for example—that include many individual recipients and you want each communication to be as relevant as possible to each of the recipients.

Personalization and Relevance at Scale

Whether your goal is to increase donations or increase yield, making your communications individually personal AND relevant makes a huge difference in the performance of your campaign.

The Mythos Campaign Manager is at its heart a variable content engine that takes data about your audience, combines it with content that aligns to the interests of that audience (via Mythos Tags), and creates a unique communication for each member of that audience.

If you want your communications to be more personal and relevant, the Mythos Campaign Package is the solution.

What Features Come with Mythos Campaign?

Mythos Campaign includes everything you get with the Mythos Library Package plus these additional benefits.

Campaign ManagerTools for creating PDFs on demand in high volume using your Mythos Templates, Mythos content, and your audience data.
Unlimited Campaign downloadsDownload as many print-ready versions of each Campaign or sub-set of Campaign documents you create.
Mythos Campaign Manager Template LibraryPredesigned Mythos Templates that you can easily customize with your brand and content.
Dedicated Account SupportYou get a dedicated member of our Account Services team to support you from onboarding, through training, and during implementation and use of the platform.
8-hour SLAHelp ticket response times of 8 hours or less.

Package Customization and Optional Add-ons

Every Mythos Package can be customized to include features from the other Mythos Packages. Or you can upgrade specific aspects such as the amount of training included (for example, to include a yearly refresher training) or the level of support that is included.