New Features: Survey Response Counters & Unstarted Responses

We’re excited to announce two new Mytho features–Survey Response Counts and Unstarted Responses.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions!

About Survey Response Counts

Previously, you could only see the total count of responses that had come in for an individual survey. This was helpful as it provided a sense of activity on the survey. However, with your input and feedback, we’ve updated this feature to be even more useful.

Now, when you visit your Survey Manager, you’ll see three separate counts as shown below.

Mythos impact reporting survey story response counters

The first counter in grey is the number of Unstarted Responses for this survey. More on that in the next section below. The second count in yellow is the number of In Progress responses. And finally, the last counter in green is the number of Submitted responses.

This is very useful because now you have much better insight into the “health” of your survey. If your goal is to get as many responses (impact stories!) as possible, then knowing that a bunch of beneficiaries haven’t started their responses or submitted their stories yet is helpful.

But it gets better in two ways!

First of all, you can click on any of the counters to automatically perform a search and get back the list of matching responses. This is helpful if you need to access a specific response and, for example, impersonate and submit the response. And second, you can download the Status Report and use that to easily follow up with those you need to nudge.

About Unstarted Responses

In the past, we only showed responses that were in progress or submitted. That was useful because those are the impact stories for which you’ve actually received some content.

Now when you view a survey that uses data prefill, you’ll see all responses regardless of whether the beneficiary has started to respond or not. See below for an example of what that looks like. The unstarted responses will all be shown at the very end of your response list since they get created when you release your survey and the responses are sorted based on the last time they were updated.

Note this feature is only available if you have Single Sign On (SSO) and are prefilling your surveys with recipient data.

Mythos impact reporting software unstarted responses

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Robb Hoffheins

As the Head of Product, Robb is responsible for the success of Mythos from sales to ongoing customer success with the platform.