New Features: Survey Enhancements

We’re excited to announce some new Mythos survey enhancements.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions!

The Little Things Matter

We’ve added a few small features to the survey tool in Mythos. These are things that we’ve heard from you as small improvements that would make your life a little easier.

Survey Naming

The first is the ability to give your survey’s two different names–one that makes sense to you and one that makes sense to those you are sending it to. Sometimes you might want to name a survey something that makes sense to you but isn’t what you’d want your recipient to see.

When you edit your survey, you’ll now see an additional “Display Name” option in the “Survey Customization” configuration options. The “Display Name” is the one your recipients will see. The original field, “Survey Name”, is the one that you’ll see in the Survey Manager.

Mythos impact reporting story survey name

Duplicate a Survey

The next enhancement is the ability to easily duplicate a survey. Often times, you’re using the same survey over and over. We heard that this was especially true year-over-year whenever a completely new cycle starts. You used to have to start from scratch but not anymore! To use this feature, simply edit the survey you want to duplicate, click the “more” menu (the button with three dots on it), and finally click on “Duplicate Survey”.

Mythos impact reporting software survey duplication

Expand or Collapse All Questions

And finally, the third enhancement we made improves your editing experience. Sometimes when you are editing a survey with lots of questions, you just want to close them all or, for that matter, open them all. You can now do that easily with one click. Once you click the button to expand, it automatically switches to allow you to collapse.

Mythos impact reporting software survey expand and collapse questions

About the Author

Robb Hoffheins

As the Head of Product, Robb is responsible for the success of Mythos from sales to ongoing customer success with the platform.