New Features: Document Collaboration, Survey Notifications, and More

The Mythos team has been busy this summer! We have a lot of new functionality that we’ve released over the last few months that we want to share with you.

Campaign Document Collaboration

We know that oftentimes there are stakeholders—gift officers, for example—in the reporting process that are not part of the core team that manages the production of those reports but need to see the reports prior to them getting distributed to donors. 

We also know that giving those stakeholders access to Mythos means you have to train them on how to access the platform and use it properly. Not a great option for anyone involved.

With that in mind, we’ve released a new feature that allows you to invite Contributors to documents in your Campaign. These Contributors receive an invite that allows them to see the document and add notes about their feedback on the document.

Contributor view for collaborating on a Campaign document in Mythos.

Campaign Document Report

We know that reporting projects are more often than not deadline driven and can oftentimes get hectic with a lot of moving pieces and coordination to manage. As you know, Mythos is designed to streamline all that so we’re always looking for ways to further achieve that goal for our customers.

To better help you manage your Mythos Campaigns, we’ve enhanced the Campaign Document Report to allow you to filter it by the following attributes so that it only contains records that match these criteria.

  • Document status
  • Assignment
  • Includes notes
  • Has had its data altered
  • Has been manually edited
  • Is archived
  • To include archive notes
New filtering options for the Campaign Document Report.

Survey Response Notifications

In keeping with our goal of helping you streamline your workflow, you can now set an option on surveys to receive notifications on a real-time or daily basis about new response submissions. This way you don’t have to actively go to the Survey Manager and see if new responses have come in.

Survey response notification settings in the Mythos Survey Editor.

Story Portal Integration with Story Manager

Many of our customers use Mythos for content management and central repository—not only for reporting content but increasingly for all types of communications and brand content.

Since much of that content is useful for digital delivery of reports and other donor communications, we’re making it easier to access that content and pull it directly into a Mythos Story Portal microsite. You can now browse the Story Manager for images that you want to publish to a Story Portal website.

Story media browser in the Mythos Story Portal.

Other Features Released Recently

  • You can now archive Campaigns, individual Campaign documents, and notes on individual Campaign documents. This can be useful in helping you keep your Mythos workspace organized or to manage “to do” items—whether that’s completing and approving a document or addressing a note left by a Contributor—by archiving them as you complete them.
  • Story Portal images can now be linked to any destination URL.
  • You can now collect spreadsheets by default using Mythos Surveys. Previously this was possible but had to be configured for you by the Mythos Support Team.
  • When a Mythos Survey respondent opts to get a copy of what they submitted, the email they receive now uses your survey theme.

About the Author

Robb Hoffheins

As the Head of Product, Robb is responsible for the success of Mythos from sales to ongoing customer success with the platform.