New Features: Bulk Response Conversion

Many of our customers user Mythos to collect and share thank you letters from student and faculty beneficiaries. Although Mythos is designed to empower you to create many stories from one survey response, in the context of stewardship reporting, it’s often not necessary to do that.

With that in mind, we’ve added a new feature that allows you to easily convert multiple survey responses into stories with just a few clicks. Previously, you had to convert survey responses one at a time.

About Bulk Response Conversion

When viewing the Response Manager for a specific survey, select multiple responses and, using the Bulk Actions menu, convert those responses into stories.

Before you confirm conversion, you’ll have the opportunity to deselect any questions that you do not want to carry over to the stories that will be created. Also, the process will automatically skip any questions that the respondent did not answer.

About the Author

Robb Hoffheins

As the Head of Product, Robb is responsible for the success of Mythos from sales to ongoing customer success with the platform.