New Feature: Multi-page Surveys

We’re excited to announce a new Mythos feature–Multi-page Surveys.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions.

Multi-page Surveys

You can now make surveys have as many pages as you want. This is great for reducing the overwhelm that can happen (and the potential impact on submission rate) when a respondent receives a really long one page survey.

Just set your field type to “Page Break”.

Mythos Software for Donor Impact Storytelling Survey Page Break Feature

Update: Notes Field Position

We also made a small update to Notes fields. Notes fields now appear after the question just above the input field. We felt that showing the notes before the answer field makes more sense so that the respondent sees any important instructions before providing their answer.

Mythos Donor Reporting Software Survey Notes Field Position

Survey Confirmation Redirect

You can now specify a custom redirect for the page to display after a respondent submits a survey. This could be a page on your website or any other page you want to send them to.

Just select “Redirect to URL” for the Confirmation Type under Confirmation Page Options on the Survey Edit page.

Mythos Endowment Reporting Software Survey Confirmation Page Redirect Feature


About the Author

Robb Hoffheins

As the Head of Product, Robb is responsible for the success of Mythos from sales to ongoing customer success with the platform.