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Customer Testimonials

Everyday we work hard to make our customers happy. No one is perfect but we believe our pursuit of perfection is why we are successful.

Ashley Park

Assistant Director, Donor Relations

“We’ve truly never worked with a team that understands us so well and values our feedback enough to make ideas a reality! [The Mythos team went] above and beyond to make this year amazing.”

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Kristin Niceswanger

Associate Director, Donor Relations

“The Mythos team is committed to our reporting success. They are responsive and offer helpful solutions! Our partnership with Mythos has enabled us to expedite our endowment report timeline by at least a month.”

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Leslie Zornow

Executive Director of Donor Engagement

“Donors want to make an impact. Mythos helped us to demonstrate that impact in ways that engaged our donors at a new level. The positive feedback we received from donors was beyond our expectations.”

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Katie Kowalski

Proposal Writer

“With Mythos, you can create customized, well-designed communications within a few minutes. It impresses all the people I work with that I am able to turn around pieces for them so quickly. And the team is very responsive to all of my questions and comments!”

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Andrea Meyer

Senior Director, Donor Impact Reporting

“[Mythos] just keeps getting better. They have made some of our processes so much more efficient. I can’t imagine managing [our reporting needs] without Mythos.”

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Liz Lauersdorf

Director, Stewardship and Donor Relations

“We found that we increased our endowment reporting process by 30%; meaning, we were able to turn stories around faster and package everything for donors much faster than before.”

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Sara Moise

Director of Donor Relations

“The fundraising-centered knowledge behind Mythos makes it far more compelling than other tools on the market. That, combined with its valuable features, made Mythos the best product on the market for our financial and impact reporting.”

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