Integrating Mythos Content Via the Story API

The Mythos Story API is a powerful and flexible way to integrate Mythos content with other systems at your institution. In this post, I’ll show you how you can use the API to publish your Mythos content

Getting Started

To get up and running with the API, you’ll need to create a new user account in Mythos and obtain your API key from your My Account page in Mythos in the Settings section.

Once you have your API key, you’ll be ready to start making requests. You can head over to to browse the documented API endpoints, and you can even provide your Mythos domain and API key to make authenticated requests to the API.

Integrating With Your Systems

No matter what environment you are programming in, as long as you have the ability to send and receive HTTP requests, you will be able to integrate Mythos story content. Whether it is Python, PHP, JavaScript, C#, Java, or even Salesforce’s Apex language, you can query the Mythos Story API for relevant content.

Arguably the most useful API endpoint is the story search endpoint. This API endpoint allows you to provide a search query (much like in the Mythos app itself) and returns a list of stories matching the query. You can use this to find all stories related to a particular fund via tag, for instance. That search query might look something like this: tag:fund-id-12345.

Next Steps

All-in-all, the Mythos Story API is a great tool at your disposal. If you’re interested in integrating Mythos content in new, unthought-of ways, then don’t hesitate to reach out for a free API consultation session with our technical experts.

About the Author

Frank Strube

Frank is the Chief Architect of Mythos.