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The Mythos software integrates the essential tools you need to create and share beautiful, personalized, and highly relevant communications—in digital or printed form.

Integrated and Purpose-Built

The Mythos software helps you create personalized and relevant story-based communications. It’s purpose-built to integrate all the tools you need to successfully achieve that goal.

With Mythos, you don’t have to use multiple systems and try to make them work together to create beautiful, consistent, and accurate communications—whether that’s fund reports, beneficiary thank you letters, or giving appeals.

Mythos is the only platform that integrates all the tools you need—from content collection and management to publishing and sharing—to help you produce beautiful, personalized, and highly relevant reports and other communications. One at a time or hundreds at a time.

By integrating content collection, content management, AND publishing, Mythos makes it faster, easier, and more efficient to scale your reporting and communications in a way that maintains a high level of personalization and donor engagement without having to add additional resources to your team.

The Mythos software enables these three important functions.

Mythos Surveys

A powerful tool for collecting the best stories and other donor reporting and communications content.

Use your data to dynamically personalize and tailor the survey experience on a respondent basis.

“Mythos has significantly improved our communication with faculty and staff who we ask to share stories of impact with us.

The survey features allow us to communicate specifically and clearly with our busy academic and research partners, while giving us the control we need over the content they submit.

We have seen a higher quality of content as well as a shortened timeline in our process.”

—Sara Moise, Director of Donor Relations, Tulane University

Ask the Right Questions to Get the Best Stories

Getting people to share valuable and meaningful stories and content takes more than just asking simple questions. To get the best content, you have to ask the best possible questions in the best possible way. 

Mythos Surveys are a powerful tool to help you achieve this. Surveys can adapt to the individual that is responding—based on what you already know about them or what they tell you as they respond—so you can ask the most relevant questions.

Collect Videos, Images, or Files

Sometimes stories are best told in a combination of formats. With Mythos Surveys, respondents can send videos, photos and images, or any type of other file you might need like PDFs or Word docs.

Categorize Content Automatically

Automatically categorized submissions with Mythos Tags based on rules you specify to help you manage and align it with your communications goals.

Mythos Tags can be applied from data you have about a respondent or based on their answers to individual questions giving you a powerful way to both organize and manage your content.

Benefits of Mythos Surveys

  • Personalize questions with information relevant to the individual.
    Include relevant information like a donor or fund name to help guide contributors on the best, most relevant response.
  • Tailor questions to each content contributor.
    Ask different questions based on the contributor’s profile, such as a first year student vs. a fourth year student, so that the story that is submitted is as meaningful as possible.
  • Prefill answers to questions.
    If you know the contributors name already, you can prefill that answer in their survey making it faster and easier for the contributor to submit their response.
  • Apply relevant tags to submitted content.
    Tag content automatically based on either answers to questions or data you have about them such as demographics or other profile information so that you can easily align it with those in your community for which it’s most relevant.
Mythos Story Manager

A central, searchable library, and editorial workflow tool for all your stories and communications content so everyone can find exactly what they need to make the biggest impact, every time.

Create Custom Content Libraries

Use Mythos Tags to organize your content by type or intended communication format. For example, create a library of quotes to use as pull quotes in a proposal or a library of social media posts.

Add frequently used content—like featured articles or faculty profiles—that might get used in proposals, reports, or other communications and add Mythos Tags to make it easy to find and use in communications.

Find the Best Content to Make the Biggest Impact

The Mythos Story Manager is searchable by keyword, tag, and other data related to the story so that everyone can find the best story for their specific communication need.

Manage Content Editing and Approval Workflows

Edit and proof content in the Mythos Story Editor and use customizable statuses to optimize your review and approval workflow.

Benefits of Mythos Story Manager

  • Establish a single, centralized source of stories.
    Create a valuable library of impact and beneficiary stories, pull quotes and social media posts, and other content. Use tags to organize by type or use case, and user roles to manage access.
  • Find the exact content you need.
    Stories are keyword searchable as well as searchable by other important attributes, such as tags and statuses.
  • Edit the content of stories for grammar, spelling or narrative flow.
    The Mythos Story Editor gives you the tools you need to ensure your content meets your brand standards.
  • Tailor your workflow and team collaboration to fit your specific review and approval needs.
    Use custom statuses, notes, and assignments to manage your editorial workflow.
Mythos Publisher

Create highly personalized, relevant, beautiful, and on-brand digital and print communications one at a time or thousands at a time.

Personal, Relevant, and Engaging Communications

The Mythos Publisher is the most powerful part of the Mythos platform. Whether you need to create a single proposal for a prospective donor or a thousand gift reports for 600 donors, each one can be as personal and relevant as you want to make it. With Mythos Publisher you can create communications one at a time or thousands at a time in digital or PDF form.

Create a single document and personalize it by picking and choosing the pages to include and customizing each with relevant stories or other content for the specific recipient.

Or create thousands of documents and personalize each by uploading recipient data and letting Mythos Templates do the work of automatically including relevant stories and content for each recipient.

Beautiful and On Brand, Every Time

Keep everything “on brand” while still allowing whatever level of customization you prefer. The rules are up to you. With Mythos Templates, you can lock down colors, fonts, and branding or even select aspects of content while allowing customization and editing of specific content or sections.

Mythos Templates are NOT your “old-school” Word merge templates. They are software programs that are designed to consume variable date and content and adapt to that input based on rules that you dictate. The final product is individual communications tailored to the interests of each recipient.

So whether you want to tell short- or long-form stories or present a table of financial data, Mythos Templates ensure that your message is expressed exactly as you intend, every time.

Publishing of Individual Communications

With the Mythos Publisher, you have a convenient and easy-to-use set of tools to create individual communications.

Perfect for small teams, development teams, or donor relations teams that need a way to empower team members to create communications in consistent and brand-approved designs and formats without having to centralize that responsibility on a single team or individual.

Publishing of Communications in High Volume

The Mythos Publisher also gives you tools to create variable communications in high volume. Upload your data to a Mythos Template and it will output individual communications for each data record in a matter of seconds.

Perfect for teams that need to create gift reports and other mass communications and need a better way to manage the process.

Benefits of the Mythos Publisher

  • Create beautiful, highly customized communications on demand.
    Mythos Publisher uses smart, dynamic templates that produce both beautiful and individually customized reports and communications.
  • Individually personalize and tailor each communication.
    With Mythos Templates, you can choose the exact pages you want and customize each, including easily incorporating Mythos Story Manager content, to make them as relevant as possible.
  • Use data to create many communications.
    Much more than a simple “document merge”, Mythos Templates are software programs take your data or other external content, content stored in the Mythos Story manager, and dynamically create documents that include the most relevant content for each of your donors.
  • Produce and deliver in print, via a donor microsite, or both.
    Whether you’re still more PDF focused or moving head on into digital reporting and delivery, Mythos can help. Create PDFs and deliver via print, create PDFs and deliver via personalized microsites, or skip the PDFs and user your data and content to create highly personalized donor websites.
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