How Mythos Works

Your community is made up of individuals whose stories and experiences provide the most believable explanation of your value.

Mythos helps you leverage those stories to cultivate belief in that value.

How Mythos software works

What is Mythos?

Mythos is your opportunity to promote belief in your value by sharing the stories of your community in new and exciting ways.

Mythos is software and services that help you create and share story-based communications. Collect content, edit, manage, and publish in personal, relevant, and engaging ways, online and in print, one at a time or many at a time.

The Mythos Process

There are three primary functions that work together to help you create personalized, relevant, and story-based communications.

Collect & Tag

Collect your best stories and content with Mythos Surveys. Personalize and tailor each survey for every respondent to get the best and most relevant responses.

Stories are automatically tagged for organization and to help you align them to the most relevant recipients.

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Organize & Manage

Manage and organize stories with the Mythos Story Manager. Give everyone access to approved story and communications content in one centralized, searchable location.

Advanced searching, management, and workflow tools make it the go-to for everyone looking for the right story that will make the biggest impact.

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Publish & Share

Create personalized, relevant communications with the Mythos Publisher. Publish microsites or PDF documents one at a time or thousands at a time with just a few clicks.

Mythos Templates keep everything beautiful and “on brand” while allowing content customization without the need for a designer.

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Getting Started with Mythos

Every engagement is unique for you but generally speaking the process follows the these steps.

  • Onboarding

    Mythos is a powerful platform with many features and capabilities. And when you engage with Mythos, you’re not only having to learn about all of the ways to use the platform but you’re also likely changing your existing process. We understand and will help.

    Mythos onboarding starts during us starting to get to know you before you even purchase Mythos. Our Account team attends early meetings to get to know your needs and goals as soon as possible so that when you do purchase Mythos, we can help you hit the ground running.

    During your initial onboarding and training sessions, our Account team focuses on gathering the requirements for your Mythos engagement. We take a deep dive on your goals and requirements. Based on what we learn, we’ll advise you on how best to leverage Mythos. Key focus areas include template and publishing needs and what data you want to use to drive content collection and/or publishing.

    Once we have a good understanding, we’ll guide you on setup to ensure that how you implement and use Mythos will result in the best possible experience and results with the platform.

  • Setup

    Based on your Mythos license and scope of services, we’ll set up the software and provide user accounts. If you’ve purchased any custom setups, integrations, or support with setting up Single Sign On, we’ll take care of those during this phase.

    Most importantly, we’ll set up your Mythos templates—whether that’s a PDF or microsite theme—so you can easily create custom, branded communications on demand.

  • Training

    Our training sessions are geared toward helping you maximize the value of every aspect of Mythos.

    A Mythos Product Specialist will provide training on each primary function of the software using relatable use cases so you can envision how you’d apply it to your goals. Our team of specialists will also review the setup that you implement after your training to ensure that what you’ve put in place will work as you expect.

  • Support

    Once you’re up and running, we’ll provide ongoing product support based on the package you’ve selected.

    You can choose to work with a dedicated Account Manager or lean on our online help content—or some hybrid of the two. We have options to work with your team size, budget, and scope of engagement with the software.

More About Mythos Services

To help you maximize your storytelling impact, we offer a variety of services designed to help you get the most out of the Mythos software.

From day one, we’re here to help you get up and running and then support you throughout your Mythos storytelling journey.

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