Mythos Template Development & Setup

Mythos Templates aren’t just simple merge templates but are actually software programs designed to consume variable data and content and dynamically adjust based on rules that you specify. This means Mythos Templates can do pretty amazing things—from automatically creating overflow pages when content is too long for one page to dynamically adjusting page layouts based on the length of previous content on the page or even changing the layout based on specific data points or content.

The Mythos Publisher and Campaign packages come with access to some pre-designed, customizable templates that you can use however you see fit but it’s likely you’ll have existing document designs you’ll want to use in Mythos too. For the most part, we can take your designs and turn them into Mythos Templates.

It’s important to understand the challenges with variable content publishing. Templates need to be able to adjust dynamically based on the fact that the data and content is variable. We can help you design something new or modify existing designs (ours or yours) to achieve whatever final publishing outcome you want.

Because of the nature of design—let alone the intricacies of variable content publishing design—it’s hard to put specific numbers on custom template development. However, we can offer guidance for budgeting purposes—especially if you can provide samples or at least a general idea of what you want to achieve. The more specific you can be, the more specific we can be in return.