About Mythos Services

About Mythos
Training & Support

From onboarding to renewal, we're here to ensure that you and your team are setup for success.

Included Training & Support

All Mythos packages come with appropriate training to ensure that you and your team understand how to use the Mythos features that you’ve licensed. Each package also includes a level of support that aligns to the complexity of the features you’ve licensed.

To learn more about the training and support included with each package, visit the Mythos Packages page.

If you need additional training or would like a higher level of support than that included with the package that you license, you can upgrade at any time.

Add-on Training Package Options

We offer two blocks of training hours—four and eight hour blocks—that you can add to any license or purchase for yearly refresher training.

These blocks can be tailored for specific scenarios that you and your team want to focus on. We can also simply use the hours to go through our standard trainings on each of the Mythos features that you have licensed. It’s completely up to you but we can advise based on your specific needs and context.

Your Mythos Account Manager can help you decide what is most appropriate based on your package license, team size, etc.