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Account Support Options

The Mythos software is a powerful set of tools with the ability to use data to drive different aspects of both content collection and publishing. There’s a lot to learn and it can take some time to learn it all. 

With that in mind, the appropriate level of support is included in each of the packages that we offer. However, you can upgrade or downgrade those levels if needed based on budget limitations and/or your appetite for using online help content vs. live support to learn and implement the platform.

Having said that, we don’t recommend you downgrade as we’ve learned the hard way what amount and type of support is generally required.

With all that in mind, below are some detailed descriptions of each level of support along with the package with which each is included.

Dedicated Account Support

For customers engaging with Mythos on larger scale communications projects such as high-volume endowment reporting or admissions campaigns, our Dedicated Account Support package gives you a single point of contact that is available to you as needed during normal business hours and includes live onboarding sessions, unlimited training sessions, and live working sessions as needed.

This level of support is included with the Campaign package.

Attributes of the Dedicated Account Support Package

  • Dedicated Account Manager point of contact
  • Priority email support with response within 8 business hours or less
  • Eight (8) hours of onboarding and training (add-on training packages available)
  • Prioritized technical support when needed (fees may apply)

Standard Account Support

For smaller engagements or those with budgetary limitations, we offer online help content that can be complemented with live support and optional levels of response time based on your needs.

This support package is included with the Mythos Publisher package.

Attributes of the Hybrid Account Support Package

  • Variable Mythos Account Manager point of contact
  • Expedited email support with response within 2 business days
  • Four (4) hours of live onboarding and training (add-on training packages available)
  • Standard technical support when needed (fees may apply)

Online Support

If budget limitations are a primary concern, we offer comprehensive online training and support.

This support package is included with the Mythos Starter package.

Attributes of the Online Support package

  • Email-based help request ticketing only
  • Help request response times of three (3) business days or less
  • Online training content
  • Standard technical support only

Important Notes About Support Packages

Upgrading Your Support Package

Note that you can upgrade your support at any time and can downgrade but only on a yearly renewal basis. Add-on live training and workshops are available a la carte upon request.

Add-on Training

Add-on training are additional sessions after the training included with all Mythos engagements. All sessions are virtual, video conference-based meetings. In-person meetings are available with all travel costs covered by the customer in addition to the cost of the add-on session.

Technical Support

Technical support can vary in type and scope so resolution time nor fees can be guaranteed beforehand. However, issues are immediately reviewed and assessed by the Mythos Technical Services team. Upon assessment, customer is provided with a guaranteed resolution timeframe based on the scope of the support request and the customers support package. Prioritized support receives dedicated resources while Standard support is queued and handled by a variable resource in the order in which it is received based on availability of that resource.