Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common questions we get about the Mythos platform. If you don’t see an answer to your question, let us know!

    General Mythos FAQs

  • What is Mythos?

    Mythos is a platform of software and services that streamlines the process of collecting and sharing personal stories and relevant communications with your audience in print or digital form.

    Mythos is the only platform that integrates all the tools you need—from content collection and management to publishing and sharing—to help you produce beautiful, personalized, and highly relevant reports and other communications. One at a time or hundreds at a time.

    By integrating content collection, content management, AND publishing, Mythos makes it faster, easier, and more efficient to scale your reporting and communications in a way that maintains a high level of personalization and donor engagement without having to add additional resources to your team.

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  • Why would I need Mythos?

    College, university, and nonprofit communities—whether that’s students, faculty, staff, volunteers, alumni, or donors—are made up of individuals whose narratives about their experiences with your institution provide the most believable explanation of your value.

    Mythos helps you leverage relevant stories to cultivate belief in that value with those that you want to become—or remain—a part of your community. It gives you the tools to achieve that goal with services that help you along the way and ensure the final result exceeds your expectations.

    Mythos is purpose-built to make sharing personalized and relevant stories easier by integrating everything you need into one platform. From collection to editing to publishing and sharing, Mythos streamlines the process by providing you with one central database of stories and related content, and standardizes the data so that using it in email or print communications or feeding it to a website becomes not only possible but easier.

    Learn more about Mythos for Stewardship, Mythos for Advancement, and Mythos for Admissions.

  • What can Mythos help me do?

    Mythos helps you collect stories and other communications content, tag it automatically with interest and demographic information, manage the content in a centralized, searchable content management system, and then share it with your audience in a one-to-one context. In other words, it helps you create individually relevant and personal communications.

    Learn more about Mythos for Stewardship, Mythos for Advancement, and Mythos for Admissions.

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  • What type of communications can I produce with Mythos?

    You can create a variety of communications formats using Mythos Publisher Templates—from printed postcards or impact reports, to personalized websites.

    Mythos Features & Pricing FAQ

  • What’s included with Mythos?

    Mythos is a powerful communications publishing platform that gives you a variety of publishing capabilities complemented by our suite of supporting services to help you maximize those capabilities and, most importantly, the quality and effectiveness of what you are publishing with Mythos. What’s included varies depending on your communications goals.

    However, regardless of your goals, every Mythos license includes Mythos Surveys for content collection and automatic content tagging and the Mythos Story Manager so you have a central, searchable database of content and tools for managing the editing, proofing, and approval processes you might need around that content.

    Each of the Mythos Packages has a set of features suited for different needs—from Stewardship to Admissions. To learn more about what’s included with each package, visit our packages page.

  • What does a typical engagement with Mythos look like?

    It depends on whether you’re looking to use Mythos for Stewardship, Advancement, or Admissions as each of those involve different goals and therefore engagement strategies.

    However, regardless of that context, we start by fully understanding your communications goals, consulting with you on how best to leverage the capabilities of the Mythos platform to achieve those goals, and then training you to ensure you know how to do so.

    The initial setup and onboarding process (once a contract is signed), generally takes between 4–8 weeks depending on the software and services package you choose and your goals. From there, we provide the necessary support to ensure your investment in the platform.

  • How much does Mythos cost?

    Because of the breadth of capabilities of the Mythos platform and the variety of use cases it can be deployed to support, there is no single price for any specific engagement level with Mythos.

    We do offer some pre-packaged options as starting points but variables related to how you want to be trained, supported, and the scope of how you want to employ Mythos make it challenging to give a price without discovery conversations.

    If you’d like to get a personalized quote, start by reviewing the Mythos packages and then contact us to discuss further. We can generally provide a quote after one or two conversations.

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    Mythos Integration FAQs

  • Does Mythos integrate with other systems like my donor relations database?

    Yes. Mythos has a RESTful API that can be used to integrate story content with other systems that can support the integration.

  • Can I publish my Mythos content to my website?

    Yes. With our WordPress plugin, you can directly integrate Mythos with your WordPress-based website.

    If you’re not using WordPress, Mythos has a RESTful API that can be used to integrate with your website.

    Mythos also has a website publishing option we call the Story Portal that you can use to share stories and other content with your constituents in the form of reports, proposals, or other types of communications.

    Mythos Security & Access FAQs

  • Can I control who can do what in Mythos?

    Yes. There are several permission levels in Mythos from “Admin” to “Read Only.”

    We can also customize roles to ensure that every user has only the permissions that they need.

  • Does the public have access to my stories and content in Mythos?

    Not by default. Only if you choose to give them access by adding them as a user in Mythos or by publishing and sharing your content directly.

  • Is content and data stored in Mythos secure?

    Yes. Mythos is TRUSTe Enterprise Certified for compliance with all major data privacy regulations including ISO 20007. Additionally, we have a 3rd party testing company regularly perform penetration and vulnerability testing on the Mythos platform. If any issues are found, we fix them immediately and that 3rd party company verifies the fixes. We can provide our latest report upon request and reports going back many years, if needed.

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