Everyone–and Everything–is a Story

The world is composed of walking stories, of waking stories.

From the homeless man living meal to meal to the CEO sitting in a high-rise office, everyone bears a story. Like mosaics, a billion little different tiles give shape to our beings—our desires, aspirations, fears, joys, disappointments, habits, inclinations.

As Martin Puchner eloquently writes in The Written World: The Power of Stories to Shape People, History, Civilization,

“In this storytelling universe, anyone you meet on the street harbors a story, often full of of marvels and coincidences; a beggar might have been born a king, and even a simple porter may have something to tell: Everyone is a story” (130).

While in this specific passage, Puchner is referring to the fictional world of storytelling, the image holds true for reality as well.

What if there was a place where hundreds of these stories could be collected and stored?

Our job is to help you discover, cultivate, and present these stories in the most effective and organized ways possible. Every story deserves to be heard and we want to help you tell them.

Stories are sacred. Like precious cargo, we can guarantee they are protected and taken care of in the transportation process.

Mythos’ goal is to provide an efficient, carefully-constructed platform for transmitting stories between beneficiary and donor.

In a profound cinematic moment, Stitch tells Lilo, “No one gets left behind.” It’s our job to ensure no person—donor, beneficiary, or alumni—gets left behind.