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Mythos makes it easier, faster, and more efficient to create donor reports and communications that are personalized and highly relevant—online and in print and at any volume.

Mythos donor reporting software templates

"The fundraising-centered knowledge behind Mythos makes it far more compelling than other tools on the market. That, combined with its valuable features, made Mythos the best product on the market for our financial and impact reporting."

—Sara Moise, Director of Donor Relations, Tulane University

Why Mythos?

Mythos streamlines the process of creating and sharing highly personalized and beautiful donor communications at scale as PDF, print, or interactive web experiences.

How Mythos Helps Stewardship

Myth-os // miTHos / noun

The unique stories that convert our experiences and facts into shared beliefs.

Our Story.

We believe in the power of stories so much that we’ve created an entire platform to help you leverage stories in your communications.

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